Bike School

Sthlm Bike CK, teach children in Preschool class to ride a bike!

Cycling is a way of being integrated into society, being able to move, it is relatively inexpensive, a bicycle has long durability and in addition, you have to move and in this way contribute not only to your own health and fitness but to society and the climate as a whole when several parts of it reduce their share of CO2 emissions, among other things. The fact that children learn to ride at an early age gives society a greater chance of becoming cyclists as adults (Denmark and Netherlands start cycling in school at the age of four).

We do not want to talk, we want to do and we have chosen to “do” through Cykelskolan, a free activity/excurution for children in preschool class.

The cycling school will be found in Kungsträdgården, Spånga IP and Vårbergs IP, among others. Th invitation is sent directly to the schools. They then sign up via a link. If you want to make sure that your school´s F-class receives an invitation, email your contact information to us at, mark the mail: Cykelskolan.

We started in 2014 and we personally called in 400 children to test our concept, which is based on the fact that we have everything in place so that All who visit us have equal opportunities. It costs nothing and becomes an inspiring excursion during school hours where we teach children to ride bike, talk about the environment and traffic noise.

Everything adapted to the children´s world, the size and height of road signs, the size of bicycles and helmets and the pedagogy we use. Today six years later, it is like the “Vasaloppet” when we open the application and in two hours the approximately 100 places in Stockholm municipality (2500 children) are filled.

In total since 2014 we have met over 11000 children. When they com to us everything is in place for ALL to participate according to their ability but on equal terms. Learning to ride a bike should not be about what family you grow up in, how much money you have or where you live.

The bicycle school will be in various locations in Stockholm during 2020. The invitation is sent directly to the schools. They then sign up via a link. If you want to make sure that your school´s F-klass receives an invitation, email you contact to us at, mark the email Cykelskolan 2020.

10 steps on how to learn riding a bike