Terms and conditions

Swedish Traffic law


I am aware that we are following the rules and regulations of Swedish traffic law. We as riders, respect the advice and notifications we get from volonteers and Police around the tour. We have made an agreement with the city to have 90% of the traffic lights turned off. But, as we want everyone to feel included, biker or not, we have three traffic lights that run so that the main busses can run on schedule.


I will use my helmet and a bike with functioning brakes.
I will ride with respect to my fellow riders and others.


As the tour is not a race we do not have a tour insurance. Each rider should check that their insurance cover eventual accidents or injuries.



No, we do not refund a bought ticket, but you are free to change names= give your spot to someone else. Please, if you change rider let us know who is taking your place and the contact details to the new rider.