About us

Sthlm Bike CK is a non-profit organisation that works with three main objects.

  1. Free bicycle school for children in grade 0, they are six to seven years old.
  2. Members get invited to join us for shorter bike tours between May and October and receives special deals on gear, muséums etc.
  3. Sthlm Bike, a 50 kilometer biketour through Stockholm City and the close surrondings. We ride the first Sunday in September and start in front of the Royal Palace. We provide two energy stops during the tour and finish with breakfast in the center of town.

Who we are?


We are parents, regular people with an interest for cycling, a sustainable lifstyle and just being friendly.

Sthlm Bike thinks:

  • sustainable is great
  • kids need to learn to ride at an early age
  • cycling is for all

Sthlm Bike likes

  • smiles
  • togetherness
  • consolidate